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21 June 2021 - 25 June 2021

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The fundraising event for hardware startup

The match-making event brings together hardware tech startups from Central Europe and investors from all over the world. The matchmaking process is designed to cater for all hardware startups. With a strong focus on audiovisual media leverages the advantage of physical products: There's something awesome to look at.

The vision

Hardware has always been the cornerstone the economy. In Germany the most prominent companies are the car manufacturers and conglomerates like Siemens. For many years Apple was the most valuable company in the world before Saudi Aramco with its oil joined the ranks of publicly listed companies.

Yet when it comes to startups, those with a physical tech product have slumbered in the shadows of the purely software-based ones.

A few initiatives have been started to support the hardware startups and this event aims to fill the gap of fundraising. This event aims to be part of the movement to get hardware startups out of the shadow and into the limelight. 

Startups addressed?

  • Tech based startups
  • Physical product
  • Seed-stage - Series A

Investors addressed?

Investors willing to invest in hardware startups, i.e. startups with a physical product, 

  • Business Angels
  • Family Offices
  • VCs
  • CVCs
  • Corporates looking for partnerships with startups

Read the "How it works" section to understand the event and get the most out of it!


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